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Wine Is Food

The fact that wine has been proven to be an asset to your health just makes drinking a glass or two with each dinner meal that much tastier. I am dedicated to the premise that fine wine is a feast for all the senses -- including the mind and that you don't have to be a snob, or wealthy, to appreciate wine's pleasures. I host a weekly nationally syndicated food and wine radio program every Thursday evening from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (Pacific) titled Wines Du Jour. It is America's First premier food and wine radio show to have a live audience to actually taste three wines on-air.

Each program we taste three wines with a guest audience of about 35+ and discuss  each of them with a professional in the food and wine field.  Check it out! Visit www.leskincaid.com and click on listen to Wines Du Jour.

I've put together a variety of information I feel you should know about as you travel through life, in restaurants, spirit stores, and visits with friends and acquaintances down life's path.  All the tools and information you need for wine tasting, that you can read and print out, all assembled in one convenient website.

There's a widespread legislative effort to ban wine sales across state lines in the U.S., including sales by mail and on the Internet. This initiative, part of an ongoing effort by the well-heeled wholesale liquor lobby to protect its profits at the expense of wine lovers' freedom of choice, is now before the House Judiciary Committee. I will attempt to give you updates, when possible, and provide the information you need to draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions. There certainly are bad laws out there and you should be aware of what might influence you in your state.

So, today, please contact your Washington D.C. representatives on the House Judiciary Committee and encourage them to NOT include the "Shackle the Wine Lovers" amendment in the House version of the Juvenile Justice Bill.