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Wine Country

Harvest is always a nail-biting time for winegrowers, but never more so than in a cool weathered late year. Why? Early autumn rains can wreak havoc on fruit left on the vine to ripen longer into the season, but low sugar levels in cooler years necessitate doing just that.  As a result, a specific year might bring fretting throughout wine country over when to pick versus when to roll the dice and hope for the best. 
In some instances, grapes - especially whites and lighter reds - are harvested a bit behind schedule with little incident, while in others, where rain fell on crops that were awaiting that extra bit of sunshine that never came. Wine country is exciting as are insights from the harvest trenches on a peculiarly wet season.
Travel with Les and Tammy to many of the west coast wine regions in any year. Check to see when the next trip is planned.