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What is Noni Juice and what makes it work so well? That question has been asked by alternative health professionals for years. There is no simple answer to the question of “What is Noni Juice and what makes it work so well?" However there are many theories floating around that may lead to an answer in this burning debate.

What Is Noni Juice?

The first half of the question is fairly easy to answer. Noni Juice is the juice of the Morinda citrifolia plant grown in many tropical climates like Hawaii, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands.  While the plant is native to the South Pacific, it has transplanted quite well to many other warm, moist growth climates. Most companies who sell Noni Juice sell a variety of other Noni based products, including one hundred percent pure Noni Juice, organic Noni Juice, and fresh Noni fruit leather. For the past two thousand years, natives to Southern Pacific Islands have been using the fruit to heal all sorts of ailments. Natives suggest that Noni Juice can be used to keep the infection out of open wounds and prevent more serious illnesses from forming in the body.

What Makes Noni Work So Well?

This is much harder to answer than the simplistic “What is Noni?” question. As with most alternative medicine products, modern science simply hasn't completed enough research yet to answer this question. Dr. Ralph Heinicke suggested that the alkaloid xeronine makes Noni work well and that could be the case. There are, however, many other possibilities. One idea that has been presented is that Noni works so well because it, like many fruits and vegetables you can find on your local store shelves, is packed with powerful antioxidants that are natural to fruits. These can help your body to fight infection. This is exactly why scientists have been telling you for years to eat a balanced diet. Noni can certainly be a part of that balanced diet.  Another idea that has been presented is that Noni works well because of the kinds of soils it naturally grows in. Most Noni grows in climates that are free of pollution. Moreover, most growers have the opportunity to plant it in nutrient-rich soil, increasing its capacity to contain the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

Figuring out the answer to “What is Noni Juice and what makes it work so well?” is a tough road. Hopefully, scientific research will have a solid answer soon. Your guess is as good as mine.

What Is Noni Juice?