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Storing Wine Isn’t Hard 

It’s important to know how to store your wine. That’s especially true if you’re storing wine for a few more years to let it age; you want to protect your wine investment. The most important thing to remember is to always store your wine horizontally – that is, on its side. By storing it sideways, you’ll allow the wine to stay in contact with the cork. That swells the cork just a little bit, and ensures the cork has a nice, snug seal. If you store your wine upright, there’s a good chance the cork could dry out allowing air to seep into your bottle and ruin your wine. 

The next most important thing to consider is the temperature. A nice cold spot in your basement should work just fine or in a closet or stairwell. The ideal temperature for ageing your wine is 55 degrees F., but even more critical than achieving that temperature is to avoid large swings in temperature. For example, storing your wine in an upstairs bedroom where the temperature might be 60 degrees F. at night but 75 degrees F. during the day is definitely not good for your wine. Next, keep your wine in a dark area that doesn’t get a lot of light or excessive vibration. So to summarize, store your wine on its side, in a cool environment without a lot of light or excessive vibration. Lastly, a real No-No is NEVER store wine on top of your refrigerator.
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