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Whether you think your bottle of Bordeaux is half-full or half-empty, you don’t want to waste what’s left. But air decomposes and oxidizes a bottle once it’s opened, and the wine spoils, just like produce. Replacing the cork will keep it two or three days. 

To make it last the week, remove as much air as you can with a device like the Rabbit vacuum pump, moistening the stopper first for the tightest seal. Then refrigerate the bottle; all wines, including reds, last longer if chilled. 

But even when the wine is past its prime, that doesn’t mean you have to toss it. “I put it on the cooking shelf and keep using it for up to a month. 
Even better:  Freeze it in ice-cube trays for up to six months and toss in a cube or two the next time you’re making a sauce or a marinade. 

Actually I have never had half a bottle of wine left over at anytime. 

Saving An Open Bottle