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Pets Who Love To Travel

We all love our pets and for most of us the hardest part of traveling is leaving our furry friend behind. Statistics have shown the majority of pet owners don’t skimp on amenities when it comes to the welfare of their best friend.

Many resorts are rolling out the red carpet for traveling dogs offering new dog-friendly hotel programs. The Trump® International Hotel Las Vegas offers The Trump® Pets program and states they will fill your best Fido's tummy with gourmet treats and see them off to sleep on a plush dog bed. Dog-walking services can even be arranged through the concierge or Trump AttachéTM.

More pet-friendly amenities and servicess:
Irresistible gourmet treats
Water bowl and fresh bottled water
Toys promising hours of entertainment
*Pet guests at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas must weight less than 25 pounds and there is a non-refundable $200 pet cleaning fee.

The Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is pet-friendly and allows up to two pets per room, as long as they meet the combined 25 pound weight limit. There is a one-time fee for pets, which includes a small welcome gift for Fido. Services such as dog sitting can be arranged by the hotel for an additional fee.  

When traveling to Las Vegas you might be surprised just how many hotels are now pet friendly and affordable.  After all your pet deserves a vacation too!


Organic Candles 

Most people enjoy either giving or receiving candles. In fact, many of you have a favorite brand or store you like to purchase them. What consumers fail to understand much like organic wines, is what makes this particular product organic?

The ingredients used to make the candle, such as soy oil and essential oils can be certified organic. Organic must be produced in accordance with established organic standards. The problem arises in processing of the soy oil into wax because synthetic chemicals are often needed to accomplish this. 

Lumia Organic, is the first company to make Organic Wax from Organic Palm Oil, and is the first to apply for and receive organic certification for candle wax. They are at the forefront of the movement to produce candles achieving the highest standards for clean burning organic wax, pure essential oils, and cotton wicks.

A large majority of commercial candles are made of poisonous chemicals. 

According to the American EPA, paraffin candles are known to release carcinogens like benzene and toluene. When burned, they spew choking toxins and black soot as harmful to our health as second-hand tobacco smoke that coats our walls, our art and our lungs. 

I suggest you avoid paraffin candles since it is petroleum industry waste that is bleached (adding dioxin and other poisonous chemicals) and texturized with acrolyn. Stearic acid, a byproduct of the meatpacking slaughterhouses, is added as a hardener. Often candles are highly scented with artificial, synthetic oils and marketed to enhance your environment.

I always say “knowledge is power” and when it comes to enjoying your favorite candle be sure and do your research. Not all candles are created equal. Look for candles made with vegetable wax, avoid chemical additives, and make sure the wick doesn’t contain lead. Always read the label and be confident that your purchase will be enjoyed safely.

Travel Must Haves

Today flying to your favorite spa destination can be taxing if not frustrating. Airlines are imposing additional fees and restrictions by the minute. Stay ahead of the game and try some of these convenient products the next time you travel.

​Travelon offers an assortment of products. Their On Your Weigh Luggage Scale is one of the most practical and may save you money in the long run. Many airlines have just increased their over the limit weight fees. It is battery operated and weighs luggage up to 110 pounds.  I found it on sale at luggage.com for $19.99

Space Bag® To Go Travel Cube

Suitcase Space Savers (Set of 5)

I personally used these bags on a recent trip. They do provide a lot of extra room in your suitcase. You can find them at:  http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/

Pack up to twice as much in your suitcase with the new travel cube suitcase size space savers from Space Bag®. Designed to fit and neatly compress the available packing area in your carry-on luggage. Push the bag down to compress contents 2 times or use a standard vacuum hose to compress 3 times. Space savers are airtight and watertight, so they help to protect against dirt, bugs, bed bugs and moisture. The push down design is easy to use and allows you to keep your items visible and neatly organized. Great for business or leisure travel and home storage. Two space savers when compressed and filled can fit in one suitcase. Each measures 21 1/2" x 22 3/4" x 6 1/2". 

​​Las Vegas classes/Events:

Sephora (summerlin las vegas)​​

Thursday,  June 7, 2018 2:00 PM
Perform contouring magic. Learn expert tips for sculpting, refining, and slimming.

FREE for Beauty Insiders.

Friday,  June 8, 2018 2:00 PM
Build depth and dimension. Layer liner and shadow for a smoldering look you can take from day to night. Learn easy and effective makeup techniques and discover the best smoky eye approach for you. 45-60 minutes.

Sunday,  June 10, 2018 9:30 AM
FREE. We stand with all members of the LGBTQA community, and this class is for those who are transgender or non-binary. Come discover techniques and products that fit and empower your beauty. Get skincare advice tailored to your needs. Learn to smooth texture and color-correct areas of concern, plus pick up complexion tips and find your best shade of foundation with our Color iQ system. All sessions are taught by trans-sensitive instructors. Friends, families, and allies are welcome to join too.

Wednesday,  June 13, 2018 2:00 PM
Achieve peak perfection. Determine the ideal brow length, thickness, and shape to instantly polish and frame your face. Plus, find products for brow maintenance at home. 45 to 60 minutes.

Tuesday,  June 19, 2018 11:00 AM
Look brighter, younger, and clearer. Reveal a more youthful appearance with help from four must-have ingredients. Learn how to customize your product needs specifically based on your goals and skin type. Master application tips for optimal results. 45 to 60 minutes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 2:00 PM
FREE. Get complexion perfection with a Fenty touch. Find your best foundation match with Color IQ, then learn application tips to prep, prime, and perfect your complexion. Identify your best format and formula, and finish by fine-tuning your coverage with powder. 90 minutes

​​Nordstrom (Fashion Show)

Save the Date!
Our best sale of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, will be July 20 through August 5, 2018. This event has become legendary among Nordstrom customers who enjoy outstanding savings on the most exciting new fall merchandise, along with plenty of stuff for summer.

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