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Private Events

If you are looking for a new, fun way to gather with friends, why not invite Chef Les Kincaid into your home or business for a private tasting, cooking demonstration, or seminar tailored to your liking. 


Discover in-depth instruction on particular wine regions – regions that are “hot” on the wine-radar screen such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Tuscany, Piedmont, wines from Australia, South Africa, and South America, as well as the trend-setting wines from the Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, the rest of California and the entire Pacific Northwest. Novice tasters and connoisseurs alike will discover new depths to their wine appreciation with Chef Les Kincaid.


A cooking experience hosted by Chef Les Kincaid, who will customize a seasonal menu for your event based on

a theme of your choice. Chef Les will demonstrate step-by-step techniques as guests enjoy everything that is

prepared paired with appropriate wines.


Wine Basics 101: Learn the grapes, aromas, tannins, acid, regions and styles. Understand what the wine label

says, and how to buy, store, serve and savor.
Wine and Food Pairing: Eliminate the myths of pairing foods and wines together.

All events are customized based on the clients needs and include setup, glassware (if required), seminar and handouts. Attendance can be 10-200+ people. Please contact us by calling (702) 871-5145 or emailing les@leskincaid.com for more information and a quote.

Les Kincaid has appeared on various network and local television shows where he shares

useful tips for viewers and hosts alike! He is also the host of his nationally syndicated 

food and wine radio show “Wines Du Jour” for well over fourteen years. His comfort on

stage and in front of the camera draws audiences and classes in and keeps them

laughing while they learn. Clubs and organizations that need a wine speaker call Les

because he appeals to all audiences, whether fellow wine connoisseurs or complete


Chef Les Kincaid writes for magazines about food and wine. He shares his expertise on

a broad range of topics for everyone with his knowledge and tips on everything from groups, clubs to corporate wine tasting events. Perhaps the single most important quality that Les shares his belief that it’s not only the food on the table that makes the meal, it’s the people who join around the table who bring the meal to life.