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Money Information

​While currency exchange will probably be available in your arrival airport, it’s wise to bring enough foreign currency to last for the first 24 to 72 hours of your trip. When changing money abroad, try to go only to banks or cambio offices that have at most a 5% margin between their buy and sell prices. Post offices generally offer good rates. Since you lose money with every transaction, convert large sums (unless the currency is depreciating rapidly), but no more than you’ll need. If you use traveler’s checks or bills, carry some in small denominations (the equivalent of US$50 or less) for times when you are forced to exchange money at disadvantageous rates, but bring a range of denominations since charges may be levied per check cashed. Store your money in a variety of forms, including traveler’s checks and an ATM and/or credit card. All travelers should also consider carrying some US dollars (about US $50 worth), which are often preferred by local tellers.