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Lower Your Cholesterol  

Everyone must realize that high levels of cholesterol is not only dangerous to your health, but can also be fatal. Although you may use pharmaceuticals for this problem, there are also many different natural methods you can use as well.

1.  Reduce the amount of red meat you consume. It is of high significance to switch over to white meats. These have a much lower level of fat. Quality not quantity.

2.  You must eliminate any foods that contain saturated fats. Increase your intake of skimmed milk, low fat cream cheese and cottage cheese. They may not be as tasty as the fatty ones, but they will save your life. A funny way to remember this is the things that are good for you are often things that do not taste good. You eat it you wear it.

3.  Foods that are high in fiber will eventually help you lower cholesterol by eliminating dietary fats. This means eating more whole grains such as wheat and barley. 

4.  Immediately stop frying your foods and go grill them. 

5.  When you are eating out, try to consume more salads than anything else. Request the dressing on the side. You must fight the urge to order too many desserts or french fries. 

6.  Include more exercise into your daily routine. There is no need to pass out and spend all day at the gym. You just have to move around a bit more by walking or cycling.

7.  Drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day. This will help to keep your system clean.  Bottled water may not be any help.

8.  Read all labels of foods you purchase. Be sure to take notice of the saturated fat and all sugar levels. 

9.  Try to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. A glass or two of wine with dinner will not hurt. Remember "Wine is Food".

10.  If you really must take a medication to help lower cholesterol, then at least eat healthier while taking it. 

11.  Also, by following these tips not only will you lower you cholesterol, you will also lose a significant amount of weight and love life even more.