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Local Produce Is A Good Idea

If you can locate freshly picked tomatoes from a local farm or backyard garden they are so delicious, they make grocery store produce versions shipped from faraway fields blush with shame. And many restaurants all around the country are catching on to this tasty fact—local tastes better. A recent survey, along with data on other emerging trends expected to flourish this year, was published this month in the journal Food Technology. And the push toward sustainable food favored by restaurant chefs is reflected in the general public. While a variety of factors have come together to create a great movement to enjoy food produced locally, Las Vegas has been working very hard to convince farmers to come to the southern Nevada area and produce great products. A mix of community-supported agriculture (including chef organizations), concerns over food safety, skepticism about mass-produced food systems, media awareness, and a general interest in knowing where food comes from created perfect conditions for a local-food boom. It is working all the way from southern California and Arizona to parts of Utah.

And while this survey focuses on new food trends in the restaurant industry, the good news is, you and I don't have to eat out or need to spend a lot of money to incorporate these trends into your cooking routine. There are a number of Farmers Markets that open mostly on week-ends throughout Las Vegas where you can find fresh healthy produce for a reasonable price.  Better yet, these popular movements in the food world will benefit your health and the health of the environment as well. Keep in mind that produce grown close to home has many advantages—it's fresher, and farmers can pick the varieties they grow based on robust flavor, not how well they travel. By choosing locally grown organic whole foods, you're keeping hormone-disrupting chemicals (linked to diabetes, some cancers, developmental problems, and even weight gain) out of your local soil and water—and out of your body.