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Food For Thought...

My passion for food and wine is simple. I share my ideas and knowledge about them in the classroom, on radio and television, whenever I can. Most people "eat to live" and most others "live to eat." I prefer the "live to eat". Enjoying a good meal is one of life’s enjoyable pleasures. Cooking is said to be therapeutic.
I don’t feel that anyone is so busy that they can’t prepare something good to eat. Enjoying the kitchen is a priority and stopping by a fast food stand is also. You can’t stay healthy but overeating or using poor choices about what you eat. So, try your own prepared meals. Get into the kitchen & try to be creative using your imagination. It needs not be a gourmet meal or anything grand just something simple & satisfying. In this website I've included many personal user-friendly recipes and some common sense advice information to help you discover new things throughout these many pages.