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Enjoy This Recipe Courtesy of Chef Les Kincaid 

Five Simple Ways to Serve Figs​

1.  Cut a loaf of brioche into 1/2-inch-thick slices; toast, and cut each slice

in half on the diagonal. Spread each half with a thick layer of mascarpone (an Italian cream cheese) and sliced figs. Drizzle with honey or sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

2.  Match the strong flavor of a perfectly ripe fig with the equally distinctive flavors of Maytag cheese and a corner of honeycomb. Arrange on a serving platter and serve.

3.  Submerge thinly sliced tender figs, dark or green, in a bowl of chilled, heavy cream, remove, and sprinkle with brown sugar.

4.  Enliven a salad by tossing slivered figs with peppery greens, toasted hazelnuts, and a splash of vinegar.

5.  Pair a fig with prosciutto and cracked pink peppercorns, and sandwich it between two slices of wheat bread.