​Les Kincaid's



Escaping Rough

Most high handicappers make the rough rougher than it really is. Some try to "help" the ball out with a sweeping motion, only to have the grass grab the clubface and close it, sending the shot low and left. Others hit down, on top of the ball with a karate-chop move that barely advances the ball forward. 

If this is your problem, here is some help:  Just set up for a fade which will bring the clubface down on a steeper yet controlled outside-in path, thus producing cleaner contact and a soft-landing cut shot. And remember these three things:

1. Open Clubface, Open Stance
Aim the clubface slightly right of the target and your body-feet, hips and shoulders-slightly left of the target. Do the opposite if you are left-handed.

2. Take an Extra Club

Opening the clubface effectively turns your 6-iron, say, into a 7-iron, so take one club more to compensate for the ensuing loss of distance.

3. Swing Along Your Shoulder Line
Grip the club a bit more firmly, and make your normal swing along the line formed by your shoulders at address.
Remember to accelerate all the way through to the finish and you won’t mind the rough as much.