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Parties are fun times and no party is complete without arrangements for special food to be served. It is the gourmet food fare offered at parties that takes our hearts away. Caviar can be a suitable delicacy to be served at parties. This is principally consumed as a garnish or as a spread. Serving of caviar on lightly toasted bread (toast points) or crackers (saltless) along with butter is acclaimed as a fine hors d’oeuvre. It is also common to find caviar being served with beverages like champagne or vodka. The caviar may be obtained from various fish species- the most commonly used fish species being the sturgeon. 

Delicacy caviar obtained from various fish species.
It is the eggs or roe obtained from the female sturgeon, a primitive fish species of the Northern Hemisphere that usually constitute caviar. These fishes are found in coastal waters, rivers and lakes. It is from the inland Caspian Sea- lying between Russia and Iran that most of the world’s caviar supplies is procured. Some sturgeon is farmed in South America as well.

Among the sturgeon species it is the beluga sturgeon that produces the beluga caviar and the Russian sturgeon that produces the Osetra caviar. Again, the Stellate sturgeon produces the Sevruga caviar. All these are varieties of fine caviar. The American paddlefish caviar- roe of a special fresh water sturgeon comes in many shades and ranges from pale grey to dark steel and has a smooth and silky texture and rich, complex flavor and raised in Louisiana or the south.

The Royal Osetra caviar is low-salt caviar obtained from the sturgeon fished in the Caspian Sea- Russian waters. The characteristic dark and rich color and incredible flavor and subtle sweetness make it so very special. Featuring among the rarest and the most magnificent of all caviar is the Tzar Imperial Beluga. This is near-translucent pale grey caviar. The large perfect pearls and delicate buttery flavor makes this stand apart. We're starting to see less and less of this product.

Serving caviar secured from around the world:
Caviar as secured from the world over is a highly esteemed delicacy. How best to serve it is the issue which concerns hosts offering the delicacy the most. The fine caviar obtained from various parts of the world and from various species of fishes is to be desirably served on lightly toasted bread (toast points) or crackers (saltless) together with butter. The bread or crackers are not to be made too hard by toasting in order to avoid losing of the taste. Utensils made of horn, wood or gold are traditionally considered as the best utensils to serve the caviar on. Mother-of-pearl and plastic utensils may also be suitable. However, utensils made of silver and steel- both carbon and stainless types need to be avoided as they have been known to alter taste and color of caviar.

Enjoy Caviar