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Natural Sunburn Remedies

With summer in full swing chances are that you will experience at least one time too much sun resulting in painful sunburn. Well whether your sunburn is mild or more severe there are some natural remedies that you can do to soothe the burn.

Relax in a cool bath not hot water which will only dry your skin out further. Avoid bath gels or soaps that will irritate your skin. Instead add one cup of apple cider vinegar or two cups of baking soda to ease redness and irritation.
After your bath moisturize with lotions that contain aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has good benefits for sunburn including peeling skin. Your moisturizer can also be refrigerated for added relief.
Reduce sunburn pain by applying a cold compress to the area which will help absorb some of the heat and reduce swelling.
Drink lots of water or consume fruits high in hydration such as watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew to counter the drying effects of bad sunburn.
What you have already in your kitchen can help as well. Cornstarch mixed with water can be applied like a paste for relief. Likewise yogurt can be applied to the entire area and rinsed off in a cool shower. Always pat dry, not rub so as not to cause further irritation.
If all else fails over the counter products containing hydrocortisone may help.
Once the sunburn begins to subside your skin will probably begin to peel. Resist the urge to peel! Peeling can cause further damage even infection if there is blistering involved.

Once your sunburn heals remember to ALWAYS wear your sunscreen. Also be mindful of any medications you may be taking with adverse warnings of sun exposure. If you think your sunburn is severe enough not to be treated at home or there is cause for concern about infection or severe blistering always consult your physician for appropriate care.Natural Sunburn Remedies

With summer in full swing chances are that you will experience at least one time too much sun resulting in painful sunburn. Well whether your sunburn is mild or more severe there are some natural remedies that you can do to soothe the burn.

Relax in a cool bath not hot water which will only dry your skin out further. Avoid bath gels or soaps that will irritate your skin. Instead add one cup of apple cider vinegar or two cups of baking soda to ease redness and irritation.
After your bath moisturize with lotions that contain aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has good benefits for sunburn including peeling skin. Your moisturizer can also be refrigerated for added relief.
Reduce sunburn pain by applying a cold compress to the area which will help absorb some of the heat and reduce swelling.
Drink lots of water or consume fruits high in hydration such as watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew to counter the drying effects of bad sunburn.
What you have already in your kitchen can help as well. Cornstarch mixed with water can be applied like a paste for relief. Likewise yogurt can be applied to the entire area and rinsed off in a cool shower. Always pat dry, not rub so as not to cause further irritation.
If all else fails over the counter products containing hydrocortisone may help.
Once the sunburn begins to subside your skin will probably begin to peel. Resist the urge to peel! Peeling can cause further damage even infection if there is blistering involved.

Once your sunburn heals remember to ALWAYS wear your sunscreen. Also be mindful of any medications you may be taking with adverse warnings of sun exposure. If you think your sunburn is severe enough not to be treated at home or there is cause for concern about infection or severe blistering always consult your physician for appropriate care.​


The Power of Essential Oils

So what exactly is all the hype about essential oils? Used correctly they can be a powerful healing and therapeutic tool, but caution, misuse can lead to injury.

What is an essential oil? By definition essential oils are super-concentrated extracts. They are typically 100 or more concentrated than the plant material that it is derived from. To help you understand their strength here are a few interesting facts to use in your next trivia quiz.

It takes 150 pounds of lavender flowers to make just one pound of lavender essential oil.
It takes 256 pounds of peppermint leaves to make one pound of peppermint essential oil.
It takes thousands of pounds of roses to make 1 pound of rose essential oil.
Just one drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

There are many uses of essential oils but the most common is through inhalation. Through inhalation these oils can affect you physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. This method is also the quickest way to reach your bloodstream. A diffuser is a great way to accomplish this and can be purchased in many decorative forms to complement your home décor.

Not all essential oils are alike so do your research. Similar to growing grapes to produce a great bottle of wine, the chemistry of essential oils can differ depending on the type of soil it was grown in, the weather, how it was handled, packaged and stored. Unaltered no two essential oils are exactly alike.

The bottom line is essential oils can be very beneficial however like pharmaceuticals they are powerful and should be handled with respect.


Salt, Not Just a Condiment…

When most people think about salt their first thought is I need to reduce the intake of salt in my daily diet because of the negative effects it can have on my body. That being said there is a new method of using salt that is gaining popularity, salt caves.

The term “Halotherapy” comes from “halo” the Greek word for salt. Halotherapy otherwise known as salt therapy dates back to the 11th or 12th centuries when people would visit Eastern Europe's natural salt caves to heal their ailments. It is a treatment that involves the inhaling of salt particles. The negatively charged ions in salt improve our health and mood and can be very beneficial for several respiratory problems as well as skin conditions and mental health. These negative ions are naturally produced and are favorable over positive ions which can be produced from things like automobile exhaust or air conditioning.

Salt therapy consists of sitting in a room coated with salt crystals and pumped full of salt-laden air and is deemed 100% natural and safe for people of all ages. The décor in salt rooms tend to be pink Himalayan salt. Spa experts note that the concentration of particles in halotherapy is about 10 to 15 times the concentration found by the sea. A 45-minute session is equal to three days by the sea and is typically priced at around $35. If you’re looking for a new experience and way to relax, a salt cave just might be worth a try.


​Dermaplaning – Don’t Try This At Home!

We all want smooth beautiful skin, the kind of result you feel after an amazing facial but have you ever considered dermaplaning? Dermaplaning can be a scary concept when you consider a 10-gauge surgical scalpel is used on your face during this procedure. Yikes! That being said put your fears aside and you’ll be on your way to some of the cleanest and clearest skin you have ever enjoyed.

Some of the many benefits derived from this procedure can be the elimination of fine wrinkles because of the increased collagen production that occurs creating a smoother complexion that can last up to 6 months. Side effects of aging and hormonal changes can cause facial hair to develop, otherwise known as peach fuzz. This annoying side effect is eliminated through dermaplaning and much safer than alternative methods although this is not the main function of this type of treatment.

Those of us who have tried this procedure can attest to the successful removal of dead skin cells that have built up over time on your face. Once these cells are removed you’ll be amazed at how well your skin care products and makeup performs for you. A well balanced maintenance regimen will be able to be absorbed more efficiently and your makeup will glide on without the barrier of those nasty dead cells.

Just remember this can be an effective and very beneficial treatment but you should always do your homework beforehand and find a skilled professional. Costs typically range from $75 to $150 and up and are usually offered at medi spas rather than a salon or spa.Dermaplaning – Don’t Try This At Home!


Spring Forward

Are you ready for spring? It’s time to start thinking about transitioning your skincare routine from winter to spring. Every time a season changes you should address not only your wardrobe but the differences in your skin as well. You can optimize your best looking skin just by making a few adjustments.

1) Start with your daytime moisturizer. Trade in those heavier creams for a lighter less oily version. Choose one that always includes a SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Save time and money by choosing a light tinted moisturizer that also includes a SPF eliminating the need for more than one product.
2) Exfoliate your skin. Spring is the best time to use scrubs and exfoliating peels to brighten your appearance.
3) Change your color palette in your clothes and makeup. Lighten up! Spring is the best time to incorporate a softer look with pink and peach hues. This is also a good time to rid yourself of those old products you’ve been keeping past their shelf life.
4) Choose lighter perfumes. Although we have our favorites we wear all year round try one or two fresh or floral scents. Tip: If you don’t want to make the financial commitment to full size versions ask your favorite fragrance counter for a sample to try before purchasing.
5) Don’t neglect your dry winter hair. Moisturizing conditioners or oils will help to restore its shine along with a good trim to eliminate those dry ends.
With a few simple changes you will be at your best and ready to enjoy the season.


Think Inside the Box

Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day or other special occasion finding the perfect gift can be frustrating and stressful. For longtime friendships it can be even more difficult at times to come up with something new. Let’s be creative this year and treat your friend, spouse or yourself to one of the latest trends, beauty box subscriptions.

Investing in cosmetics can be costly especially if your choices leave you feeling short on funds and satisfaction. With a beauty box subscription you will have the opportunity to discover tried-and-true products for minimal investment before investing on a full-size purchase.

One of the most popular is Birchbox. Each month Birchbox will send your own personalized beauty box with five product samples from high-end brands that may include haircare, skincare or makeup all with instructions on how to use them. Women’s gift subscriptions start at $30 for three months. Men’s gift subscriptions start at $60 for four deluxe grooming samples and a stylish accessory or gadget.

Allure beauty box offers at least six deluxe-sized product samples from major brands that their editors have tested and love. You will also receive a mini magazine with product information, how-to’s and beauty tricks. Gift subscriptions start at $45 for three months.

Glossybox is an international beauty company that offers five deluxe-size cosmetic and wellness samples hand-picked by their beauty experts and mailed directly to your door. Gift subscriptions start as low as $25 for one month.

With so many companies offering beauty boxes today do your research before purchasing to find the perfect box for your budget. But most of all have fun discovering new products each month with a gift that will be remembered long after the occasion has ended.


Halloween Tips for the Savvy

Don’t let yourself be tricked this Halloween while in pursuit of your favorite treat! Even as adults we still love dressing up and experimenting with makeup. But before you race to the Halloween store or use those many expired products we all still have in our drawers to complete your ghoulish outfit this year, you might want to keep a few tips in mind.

1) Protect your skin:  Never use a product for the first time without testing it on your hand or wrist. If no reaction occurs it probably will be okay to use. However, always put a layer of heavy moisturizer on your face before applying a Halloween makeup kit and never apply glitter close to your eyes.
2) Hair damage:  Take the safer route and wear a wig or extensions to achieve your look especially if your hair is fine, dry or already damaged. Using a hair dye that you spray on your hair can sometimes be difficult to remove later and may take a few shampoos.
3) Removing makeup:  If you are removing latex effects remove by gently peeling and use soap and water to remove any remaining pieces. Heavy makeup should be removed with cold cream which many of the makeup kits use in small amounts already unless they are oil based then you should use baby oil. Glitter should wash off easily, however scotch tape can be used for any stubborn spots.

Most of all remember to have fun and with a little preplanning take care of your beauty needs as well. 

Where Will You Go This Year?

We all love to travel. But when making your travel plans what do you look for in a great hotel? Personally I like hotels that offer great amenities not just in their public areas but in their rooms too. Chances are you haven’t given much thought to those little shampoos, lotions and soaps in your room, but thanks to demand individual properties as well as major hotel chains are starting to pay attention to customer requests and focusing their efforts on brand-name products rather than generic.

Here are just a few major hotel chains and what they have to offer:

Renaissance Hotels:  Aveda (1 ounce bottles of Aveda’s highlights including their scalp-tingling Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner, Energizing Body Cleanser, and their rich All Sensitive Moisturizer cream)

W Hotels:  Bliss (Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Lemon+Sage Soapy Suds, Lemon+Sage Body Butter, Lemon+Sage Supershine Shampoo, Lemon+Sage Conditioning Rinse, and a Lemon+Sage Body Bar)

Hilton Hotels & Resorts:  Peter Thomas Roth (Vitamin-packed Mega-Rich collection of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and body wash, as well as the brand's Moisture Infusion Facial Bar and Massage Body Bar)

Peninsula Hotels:  Oscar de la Renta (Citrus and floral musk unisex fragrance with notes of mandarin, bergamot, freesia, and cedar, developed with Firmenich, and produced in association with Gilchrist & Soames)

Just remember wherever your travels take you, don’t feel shy about enjoying these amenities long after your stay.  


Spring Forward With Your Skin

We’ve all been there…dry lifeless skin as we transition from winter to spring.  This year change up your routine for better results. 

First, start by changing the products you moisture your face with everyday.  Switch to lighter creams and serums and ditch those heavier creams that can potentially clog your pores.  This is also a great time to trash those products you never quite got around to using and are well past their shelf life.

Second, exfoliate!  Nothing makes your skin feel its best than a great scrub.  Personally I prefer a sea salt scrub over a sugar scrub.  However, each type has its own benefits, so be sure and do your research for your body type before you make the plunge.

Third, indulge in an inviting warm bath.  Simply add your favorite essential oil and some bath salts and feel the stresses of the day disappear.  Despite the misconception that a warm bath will only make your skin drier, quite the contrary, it helps your skin absorb your products better.

Still not sure what’s best for your skin?  For the ultimate in transitioning from winter to spring leave it to the professionals and treat yourself to a spa facial or body scrub and make way for perfectly glowing skin.


Take The Stress Out Of Your Beauty Resolutions!

We all make them, New Year’s resolutions, but why? The majority of resolutions are broken before you can blink an eye. I pledge to exercise every day, eat healthier, and it goes on and on from there. Stop torturing yourself! This year ditch the pressure and take each day at a time. We all want to look our best so let’s take little steps to accomplish our goals in 2016.

Hands down the most important resolution you can make this year is to protect your skin and wear SPF every day. Most people feel they only need sunscreen protection in the hot summer months. Sunscreen protects your skin from aging, skin cancer, and sunburn. Wear a moisturizer with at least a SPF of 30.

Stuck in the brown zone? Try different color palettes. You might be surprised and discover new colors that really complement your skin tones. This holds true for your makeup as well as your clothes.

Rid your counter of expired potentially dangerous beauty products. Truth is most of us can’t remember when we last purchased that eye shadow or mascara.
Finally we all love to hear the complement “What are you wearing, you smell so good”? We all have our favorites we fall back on. Mine is Lancôme’s Poeme perfume. Although launched in 1995 it has that classic floral oriental fragrance that just mixes well with my chemistry. Don’t be afraid to discover a new scent. When in doubt ask your favorite retailer for a sample to take home with you and try at a later time.  


Fall Relief

Now that fall is right around the corner do you find your skin suffering from months of harsh summer rays? We all have good intentions when it comes to protecting our skin but for those times when you forget to apply or reapply your sunscreen your skin can pay the price. If you’re the type of person who likes to use natural over store bought then try this combo on your next sunburn to calm redness.

1)    Apply pure aloe gel straight from the aloe plant rather than the bottle.
2)    Follow with an application of rice bran oil which boasts high quantities of Vitamin E that encourages healing.
3)    Repeat this process several times a day until you have relief from your redness.

It’s also a good idea to reduce your alcohol and caffeine which contributes to dehydration during this time. Water is your best friend, so be sure and drink a lot of it!

If you’re more of a traditionalist and don’t want to take the time to create your own remedy then a great choice to try is Ocean Potion Moisturizing Aloe Lotion. Don’t let the name fool you. It has great reviews, reasonably priced and is widely available. The Ocean Potion Moisturizing Aloe Lotion is an after-sun moisturizing lotion that maintains your tan and prevents peeling. Made naturally with pure aloe vera gel, tea tree oil and herbal and seaweed extracts, the Ocean Potion lotion replenishes and repairs skin cells after exposure to the sun. This moisturizing skin lotion also contains vitamins A, C and E and can be used all year round as a daily moisturizer for smoother and younger looking skin.

Here Comes The Sun...

As the weather heats up so does our quest for that perfect glow. But often times that perfect glow comes with a price that many choose to ignore. Yes we all love to have that sun-kissed completion, but in doing so you have to be careful.

Skin cancer is no joke and neither is wrinkling at an early age. So before you head to that backyard pool or beach be sure to take some precautions. Choose to apply a water-resistant sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure instead of a sunblock. This will give you some tanning ability but still block the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Also it’s best to avoid peak times when the sun’s rays are at their strongest, usually between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
If exposure to the sun’s harsh rays is a concern then perhaps the “fake” tan is the way to go. Huge strides have been made over the years with products to eliminate that ugly orange color of years past. Today there are many products on the market that are just fine to achieve the color you are looking for. Recent winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty 2014 recommendation St. Tropez Self Tan Express is a fast-acting foaming self-tanner for the body that allows you to customize the depth of your self-tan, $44. However, remember always start with a good body scrub to eliminate any dead surface skin cells. This is an important step not to be missed if you want an even tan.

Remember to take precautions this summer while in the sun or play it safe by getting your tan in a bottle by choosing products that work best for your skin type.

Perfectly Pampered Mom

Pampering mom this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to show your mom how special she is without expensive beauty treatments at a spa. Think outside the box and replace your typical flowers and a lunch out with more creatively inspired ideas.

Create a Memory Book
A most memorable gift, although a little time consuming, is to create a photo book from pictures during special times in her life, including childhood memories to present day, that that she will enjoy for years to come. There are several companies that can assist you with your project including Shutterfly who makes it very easy to create your book.

Clean Her House
Does your mom put off chores around the house that she needs to do but doesn’t or is unable to complete them? Step in and clean your mom’s house or hire someone to do it for you.

Cook Meals
Prepare special meals that she can easily freeze and reheat to enjoy at a later time. 

Create Your Own Spa
Pamper your mom with homemade beauty treatments. This Banana Facial Mask has only two ingredients and is easy to make. Use this mask weekly in order to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.

1/2 banana
2 tablespoons milk

Directions: Mash banana with milk in a small bowl. Apply a thick layer over entire face. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

However you choose to celebrate mom this year, remember it’s not about what you can buy her, but the time you can spend with her.

Fall Recovery

Now that the harsh rays of summer have ended you may find yourself coping with dull sun damaged hair. Months of repeated tanning, enjoying water activities and still coloring your hair can really put a strain on your tresses. Get your locks ready for fall with just a few steps to restore your natural shine.

  • Visit your favorite salon and trim at least half of an inch to create and instant lift.

  • Use shampoos designed to hydrate your hair and add moisture as it cleans. 

  • Wash your hair only when necessary, usually 2-3 times a week, to allow your natural oils to work down into your hair shaft and nourish. 

  • Try a good hydrating hair balm which is often richer and more healing than traditional conditioners. 

  • Hot oil treatments are some of the best ways to treat sun damaged hair. Once a week use an over the counter product or make your own.

  • Give your hair a rest from harsh bleaches and hair dyes.

  • Brushing your hair regularly allows your natural oils to repair damaged ends and promote shine.

  • Avoid alcohol based products which further dry out your hair.

  • While your hair is recovering use the cool setting on your blow dryer. Heat whether from your blow dryer or curling iron can make your damage worse.

When all else fails, try a professional moisturizing treatment to impart shine and healing properties. They are relatively inexpensive and convenient to find at most salons.


Do You Feel The Burn?

For many one of the main reasons for living in Las Vegas is our climate. With an average 294 sunny days per year it doesn’t take too long to realize you have to protect your skin or pay the consequences down the road. Of course no one sets out with the intention to acquire a painful sunburn, but often times we tend to forget or conveniently ignore our time in the sun for that quest of the perfect tan. 

To get your skin ready for that summer glow, the best step is to exfoliate with a good body scrub. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin which allows your skin to absorb moisturizers and sunscreens. This is especially important if you intend to use a sunless tanning product in lieu of sunbathing. If you have ever tried a sunless tanning product you know how inconsistent the color can be without proper product selection and body preparation. 

If you are new to self tanning products, I suggest you try one of the highly rated brands, such as St. Tropez. St. Tropez has a Tanning Essentials Self Tan Starter Kit (available at Sephora for $25) that includes everything you will need to get that sun kissed glow.

Remember no matter which product you choose nothing can completely undo the damage of too much sun, so always wear sunscreen while having fun in the sun this summer.

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye…

For most people spring is the perfect opportunity to tidy up your home, clean, and declutter. However, when we set out on this sometimes overwhelming task we often never give a second thought to our cosmetics. If you are like most people you are still hanging on to that free gift with purchase from a couple of years ago that you just had to have but never used. So how long can you keep most cosmetics?  

Make-up can easily become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria if you are not careful. Eye shadow and mascara are some of the worst because of the close proximity to your eye.

Holding onto your face powders, blushes, and foundations can lead to clogged pores which can cause break-outs, rashes and inflammation of your skin.

Lipsticks pose a hidden danger of spreading cold sores especially if you are in the habit of sharing your favorite tube with a friend.  

So if this all sounds a bit alarming and confusing then use these rough guidelines to declutter your make-up and in the process be healthier for it.

•    Eyeshadow (powder):  18-24 months
•    Mascara:  3 months
•    Eyeliner (pencil):  18-24 months
•    Foundation/Concealer (powder):  18 months
•    Foundation/Concealer (liquid):  6-12 months
•    Blusher and Bronzer (powder):  18-24 months
•    Face Powder:  18-24 months
•    Lipstick:  24 months

Another trick is to mark your cosmetics with the date you first open them to remind you it’s time to toss. You can preserve your cosmetics longer if you store them in a cool dark place. Regardless of whether they have reached their expiration date or not, if they look or smell bad or you can’t remember the last time you used them, throw them out!


Las Vegas Laser & Lipo

Whether it is the holidays or just the hustle and bustle of everyday life, stress can take a toll on our bodies. The good news is with today's ever changing technology many things can be accomplished to combat the effects of our environment.

On a recent visit to the Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Z and his staff. Dr. Zimmerman founded Las Vegas Laser & Lipo in 2009. This State of the Art, State licensed and Nationally Accredited facility offers a full range of aesthetic surgeries and non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Las Vegas Laser & Lipo has been awarded numerous times for being one of the top cosmetic surgery Las Vegas facilities.  

Some of the surgical procedures offered at the facility include Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Lip Augmentation, and Neck and Face Lifts. If a non-surgical procedure is what you are looking for, then no worries, they have you covered. Aside from the usual Botox injections and laser hair removal, you will find one procedure that is gaining in popularity, the Vampire Facelift. Queue the Twilight trailer! This new cosmetic procedure uses your own blood to rejuvenate your skin and smooth out wrinkles. The patient’s own blood is drawn and the platelet rich plasma is separated and injected back into the face or body. The platelets initiate tissue regeneration, and promote collagen production, giving you a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

If you are looking for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure without the use of chemicals being used on your face, then you might want to try a treatment using The Skinmaster™ System. This system utilizes a unique piezoelectric actuator to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the outer layer of the epidermis. The results are your skin is left looking and feeling clean, balanced and hydrated. Treatments for your skin are $100 per session. 

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose that stubborn fat without undergoing the knife? Las Vegas Laser & Lipo offers the revolutionary non-surgical contouring treatment known as CoolSculpting®. This is a safe, effective means of contouring your body. Each treatment area takes about an hour without any down time. Over the next few months your body absorbs the treated fat cells with undeniable results.

Whether you are looking for skin rejuvenation or just improving certain areas of your body, Dr. Z and his staff are happy to assist you with your needs. Contact Las Vegas Laser and Lipo for a free consultation at (702) 360-6686 or visit www.zimmermanmd.com for additional information. 


Epsom Salts

Many people have touted the benefits of this mineral compound and have explored and tested for its uses over the years. Numerous studies have proven its wide-ranging benefits for health, beauty, and yes gardening. But what really is Epsom Salts? Discovered in the well water of Epsom, England, where the compound was first distilled from water, the two major components of Epsom Salt are magnesium and sulfate.

As reported by the Universal Health Institute, a breakdown of the health benefits from both magnesium and sulfate follows:

Eases stress and improves sleep and concentration
Help muscles and nerves function properly
Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes
Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots
Make insulin more effective
Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
Improve oxygen use

Flush toxins
Improve absorption of nutrients
Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
Help prevent or ease migraine headaches

Doctors and researchers say that soaking in an Epsom Salt bath is a safe, easy way to increase the body's levels of both magnesium and sulfate. For soaking:  Add two cups of Epsom Salt to warm water in a standard-sized bathtub or double the Epsom Salt for an oversized garden tub. For the ultimate in relaxation, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into your bath.

Gardeners will be happy to know the two major components of Epsom Salt have benefits for their plants as well. Studies have shown Epsom Salt may help plants grow greener with higher yields and more blooms. The magnesium helps seeds germinate and the sulfur aids in plant growth and producing vitamins.

Epsom Salts are easily obtained at any drug store or supermarket. Inexpensive and versatile, the salts can be used for a number of different applications around the home including health, beauty, household, and gardening.


The Weiland Group Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Spa

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience personalized attention often found at upscale Spas but instead find it in a Medical Spa? The Weiland Group is the perfect match offering a full menu of both Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Spa services. This intimate, but state-of-the art facility provides a relaxing environment complemented by soothing décor including fireplaces and beverages to enjoy. Personally I believe a relaxation area in any spa should have either a fire or water element so, I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two fireplaces inside The Weiland Group’s two relaxation areas.

On a recent visit I chose to discover the Skin Spa side of facility. Here I was greeted by Nichole Nash, Skin Care Specialist. As the newest member of The Weiland Group, Nichole is a licensed cosmetologist with extensive training and practice in medical aesthetics and performs face and body skin care treatments for clients. 

The Skin Spa offers a wide range of medically-proven, non-surgical cosmetic procedures including medically-advanced peels custom-designed to meet your particular needs. Upon your first visit with Nichole, she will assess your skin, discuss your skin care goals, and how best to achieve them starting with the latest VISIA® technology. The VISIA® Digital Complexion Analysis is the first diagnostic tool to provide clinical measurement of surface and subsurface epidermal irregularities and pigment conditions. I was truly amazed, and you will be too, at the ultra-violet and digital photographs taken to assist her in evaluating your skin and future progress. It’s as simple as leaning just a bit into a well-lit box for your pictures. After, certain areas of your face are analyzed for fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentation (age/dark spots), enlarged pores, texture (skin smoothness), and sun damage (UV spots). 

Following a brief period to answer any questions I might have, Nichole suggested one of The Weiland Group favorites and the mildest, the MicroPeel. The MicroPeel gives you a healthy, refreshed complexion with no downtime. If you have never experienced any type of peel before, this might just be the perfect place to start. Your face will be glowing in no time! 

Some of the more corrective skin therapies include the MicroPeel Plus, Microdermabrasion, LHA Peel, Vitalize Peel, and The Weiland Group signature Polishing Peel. Downtimes for these peels differ from each other ranging from no downtime to 2-3 days. Expect your first visit to last approximately 1 ½ hours for the VISIA® analysis and the peel of your choice. Upon completion of your treatment, Nichole will consult with you to formulate a customized at home skin care program to further enhance your appearance. 

SkinCeuticals founded in 1997, believes to maintain and improve skin health, an effective regimen must include prevention, protection, and correction. Obagi-C® takes a slightly more aggressive approach and can only be obtained by prescription. Both product lines are available for purchase at The Weiland Group.

There are a multitude of choices to restore and renew your skin. Let Nichole at The Weiland Group transform your skin today. Visit their website at www.weilandgroup.com or call (702) 254-0500 to book your appointment.


Hormeta Products
Hormeta is a world-renowned and privately held 60-year old Swiss skin care company. A leader in the skin care industry, Hormeta is at the forefront of scientific expertise, ground breaking formulas, research and development that founder Maurice Chaponnier pioneered.   

Hormeta features a full line of beauty care products made from the purest of active bases and raw materials. Products include cleansers, toners, anti-aging, gentle care for sensitive and blemished skin, youthful normal skin products, impurity and oily skin products, in addition to specialty products

Certified by SWISSCOS, the association that monitors the authenticity and quality of Swiss cosmetics, proved Hormeta’s research and execution to be of high standards.

Salt-Not Just For Cooking Anymore

For most people when you hear the word salt you think of the desire of cutting back on your intake when consuming your favorite foods. So it might come as a surprise to you to find out one of the latest trends coming out of spas today involves this often avoided ingredient.

Salt therapy is an ancient spa treatment that is enjoying resurgence throughout the world especially in Eastern Europe. Known for its medical benefits, these salt caves claim to alleviate or at least help a multitude of symptoms, including allergies, asthma, psoriasis, colds and flu and sinus infections. In Russia, salt caves were approved for medical use nearly 15 years ago.

A vast majority of visitors to a salt cave report their lungs feeling clearer and the widening of the airwaves of the respiratory tract, thereby killing bacteria and assisting in the drainage of sinuses. There have been no clinical studies thus far in the United States or standards imposed in the construction of these salt caves, so keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

If you are looking to experience this latest trend in Las Vegas, look no further than the Spa at Aria. The salt meditation room is called “Shio” and features a wall of illuminated salt bricks and salt lamps. Breathe in the air of this salt infused room while enjoying lounging in chairs that provide vibration therapy in rhythm to sensual music. This room, along with other spa amenities, can be enjoyed with a $30.00 daily facility fee.  


Snakeskin Pedicures – The Latest Trend?

Just when you think every beauty craze has been tried, someone is inspired, by no other than one of their children, to create an off the wall service. That someone is manicurist Terri Silacci, owner of the Nail Lounge in the Euphoria Lounge Salon & Spa in Monterey, California. After taking about six months to perfect, the “Pedicure With Snakeskin” is now being offered for $300.  

"I learned how to disinfect the skin and how to apply it just right." After listing the service on the salon's menu, Silacci says her clients asked to see exactly what it would look like, so she hired a photographer and models…and a live snake!…to demonstrate the service. What it involves: Instead of using regular polish, Silacci brushes on Bio Sculpture Gel—a long-lasting colored nail gel that claims to strengthen your natural nails and is hardened by a dryer (it doesn't look at all fake—it looks and feels like regular polish). After one coat, she places a custom-cut piece of snakeskin on top, then adheres it by layering on another coat.” Silacci states the manicure will last up to three weeks and pedicures up to 12 weeks. 

As with any hot trend, salons across America are beginning to follow her lead and offer this unique service. Look for this latest trend slithering into Las Vegas soon.

Threading – A New Hair Removal Technique

The art of threading has been used for over a thousand years, although it’s just becoming popular recently. Threading is an ancient Eastern beauty art form of hair removal and uses 100% cotton thread. Threading in general is used to shape your eyebrows; however, this technique can be used to remove unwanted hair from other parts of your face. During the threading, the hair is trapped between the cotton threads and lifted from the surface. Since threading pulls out the entire hair follicle, the hair grows back slowly so eventually you won’t have to worry about this area again.

There are many benefits to this procedure especially those with sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals are used to aggravate the skin. Hair removal can be a series or as little as one at a time and results can last up to four weeks. It is a much more precise method that leaves clean lines. A Threading treatment is usually not as painful as plucking or waxing and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.


What is Mehndi?

Mehndi is an art form that uses henna leave paste to create temporary designs on the body (tattoos). It is a fun and safe way to explore body art without the permanent effects and discomfort of a regular tattoo.  

Deep in tradition and dating back as far as 5000 years, the designs often reflect cultures from Egypt, India, Morocco, Pakistan and the Middle East. Henna is derived from a bush, typically the top leaves of the plant. Henna powder itself is green in color, but the stain it leaves behind is usually an orange-red color.

There are also glitter mehndis which allow for more creative designs.


The Oprah Phenomena

If you are already a diehard fan of Oprah, then it will come as no surprise to know anytime she features a product on her television show it becomes an overnight sensation. This was the case when a couple of weeks ago she focused on how to look 20 years younger and shared as part of this show, Dr. Harold Lancer’s Skincare philosophy.  

Dr. Lancer is a Beverly Hills dermatologist who believes in the importance of polishing, cleansing and nourishing your skin. Oprah and celebrities alike swear by Dr. Lancer’s skin care products, so much so, his website for these products crashed shortly after appearing on her show.

Looking and feeling younger according to Bob Greene’s new book revolves around four key factors. They are:  Exercise, Nutrition, Skincare and Sleep. According to Bob, incorporating this plan into these areas of your life will result in years coming off.

Dr. Harold Lancer’s Skincare line is available at Nordstom's.